Improve communication and execution to increase sales

Retailers are losing a critical part of their actual sales & potential income due to the lack of a real-time, supervised and measures communication tool with the physical stores to deliver real-time insights and tasks to adapt to your customers.

With Tore-E, retailers can make better decisions in regards to optimization and visualization of the inventory in-store.

"MANTHAN: You were looking forward to hearing new ways retailers are dealing with 70% cart abandonment online. Did you find what you were looking for? Bob PhibbsBOB: No, oddly enough I didn’t. What I did see is most of the vendors were either trying to peddle Amazon Go-style walk-in by registering, swiping or being scanned and leaving without cashiers. The encouraging thing was I discovered several exhibitors finding ways to bring real-time data from the C-level down to actionable insights on the salesfloor most notably with Mystore-E. I did a LinkedIn interview on my profile page of the founder as well. Bob Phibbs www.RetailDoc.com @theretaildoctor"

What We Do

Tore-E supplies brands with a real-time communication tool that delivers accurate insights, predictions, and sales-supporting data regarding in-store product performance to elevate the store set-up and improve the productivity of sales associates.

With Tore-E retailers can ensure the store set-up matches the customer’s wants and needs and the sales associates remain connected in real-time.

No place is more important for retailers to implement a strong foundation than at the store level so how can retailers create a dynamic and fully connected store?

Our platform collects and analyzes the big data that retailers already possess, to optimize the store’s product performance and overall visual aesthetic.

Tore-E assists the stores via a simple task-based and supervised application, giving retailers a tool to communicate with the store in real-time, delivering data in a unique, user-friendly application that required little training, measure the results and adapt.

We’re here to bring your digital success to the physical store.

Meet our Team

We bring digital tools and online techniques into the physical retail space

Asaf Shapira
Founder & CEO
Roy Dror
Co-Founder & COO
idan sergi
Head of Strategy & Business Development
Co-Founder & CTO


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